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Brackenwood Workshops, Bristol 2024

Themed all-day workshops and Mini Saturday morning workshops at Brackenwood Plant & Garden Centre, Pill Rd, Bristol BS8 3RA
Delicious home-made food cafe on site.

All workshops include helpful tuition throughout each day and come with a set of notes to take home.

Student Carol painting cyclamen
Student Georgie painting
Student drawing shells
Student Anne's sweetpea plant drawing
pen and ink work
Student Ann studying flower botany
Botany dissection illustration by student on a Jackie Isard workshop
Onion by student Freda


NEW! Mini Saturday morning workshops, 10am - 1pm £23.50
Please email me to join any of the below courses
29th June - Painting Rose petals
13th July - Botanical composition 1 - Balance, proportion, depth and white space

31st August - Botanical composition 2 - Drawing elements of a plant to compose next time
23rd November - Botanical composition 3 - Composing pre-drawn elements within a frame

Please email me to join any of the below courses£37.50 per day, £75 or two day courses, 10am - 4pm (Max 12 students )

Colour mixing with a limited palette
March - Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd
10am - 4pm £75
Watercolour experienced needed

Mixing with primaries is so simple once you know how. Using a limited palette we will paint a small composition of plants or nature subjects. I will teach you the colour mixing theory and demonstrate how to match colour to your subjects accurately. Bring along nature subjects or choose from the selection of plants at Brackenwood. Nature subjects can include autumn leaves, dried flowers, nuts, seedheads, seaside items and shells, fungi, wood/bark, lichen, insects, butterflies etc.

Pen and Ink with watercolour wash
May - Saturday 11th
10am - 4pm £37.50
Watercolour experienced needed
Watercolour washes can look very effective over pen and ink and make wonderful sketchbook studies. Use fine liners or a dip pen with permanent ink, then loosely colour with watercolour washes. Select subjects from the garden centre or bring your own.

Woodland Treasures, Fungi and Rose hips
October - Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th
10am - 4pm £75
Watercolour experienced needed

We all love the woods and rose hips are a delight to paint! Paint or draw any of the following: Fungi, an interesting tree from a photo, a branch with lichen, dried colourful leaves, a branch of rose hips or a single study the choice is yours! You may work larger than life or life size. We will have lots of live subjects to choose from, but you may work from a good quality photo if needed. Please bring along rose hips, fungi and other woodland treasures! 

Darkness and Light - Mastering dark and pale subjects
November - Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th
10am - 4pm £75
Watercolour experienced needed

Rendering good colour tone, form and detail is essential to create realism in your work. You will you learn how to paint pale neutral toned and very dark subjects, extremes of lightness and darkness. The course aims to teach students how to observe detail and retain form where highlights and shadows appear to disappear or seem non-existent! You will paint a dried Acanthus bract and a dark subject from my collection. I have a box full of goodies to choose from. You are also welcome to bring a neutral toned and dark subject of your own choice (ie. a walnut, seed head, oak galls, small dark subjects, poppy seed head, a small dark piece of wood, dried seed, pale shell etc).

If you are interested in any of the above workshops please do let me know as soon as possible to ensure you have a place booked. Pay on the day with cash or make a bank transfer (ask me for bank details). No deposit is required but please let me know at least 2-3 days before if you cannot attend, so I can offer up your place to someone else. Thank you.
To book please contact me:

Mobile: 07813 864472


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