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Wet Meadow Wildflowers ~ their pollinators and as food plants by Jackie Isard

I was honoured to be part of the prestigious RHS Botanical & Photography Show this year, 2022. I was awarded a Gold medal for my paintings entitled 'Wet Meadow Wildflower ~ their pollinators and as food plants'. It has been a hugely long journey for me, over 5 years of research and painting from start to finish. 

The decision to illustrate wet meadow wildflowers began when I discovered the conservation charity, Plantlife and learnt about native wildflowers, their habitats and pollinators. Water meadows are nutrient-rich ecosystems with natural fertility and provide a vital nectar source for pollinating insects and bees. This habitat now occupies less than 1,500 hectares in the UK. Before I drew each plant, it was important to understand their botany and life cycle. I studied the plants throughout the seasons, making botany notes, matching colour to live specimens and studying details under a microscope. I hope you will see the value of this habitat and enjoy the wildflowers and insects I have illustrated.

I was delighted that two of my paintings sold, one to the RHS Lindlay Library and one to The Shirley Sherwood Collection.

I hope one day to continue painting our wildflowers to record their value in our wild areas and natural habitats, which are fast declining.


Below is a gallery of images taken at the Preview evening at the Saatchi Gallery. It was an amazing event and I was in awe of the other exhibits presented. I met many other exceptionally talented artists. It was a pleasure to discuss my work with Dr Andrew Brown during a feedback meeting before the show. On my way back to the car I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Shirley Sherwood, it really made my day! She has also chosen the Cardamine pratensis for her collection. The RHS Lindley Library has also added my Geum rivale to their collection.

RHS TG 2023 June small background.jpg

RHS The Garden Magazine Article June 2023

"You get to see extraordinary things most people never see"

RHS The Garden Magazine article 

I was thrilled to be asked to write an article for The Garden Magazine for the June Issue. I was sent a set of questions to answer about my RHS entry exhibition. The article was a two-page spread showing parts of two paintings that are now held in the RHS Lindley Library and The Shirley Sherwood Collection. Water Avens (
Geum rivale) - RHS Lindley Library and Cuckooflower (Cardamine pratensis) - The Shirley Sherwood Collection. Thank you, RHS for featuring my work! Here is a link to the article. 

See the paintings below


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